Wedding Speeches


A wedding is an occasion for joy and celebration. But for the person who is supposed to give a speech, it can mean nervousness and anxiety. When you start to imagine the audience with their eyes and ears riveted on you, you start feeling the jitters. But once you get over this initial reaction, you might find the effort of preparing and delivering the speech quite exciting. You might even consider coaching other people in making funny wedding speeches after you are through with yours! So here is what you need to prepare for.


The Internet can be your starting point for preparation. Visit 5-10 sites on wedding speeches and see some samples. This will get you started to prepare your own speech. Since you will prepare over a span of several days, you might as well put down your thoughts on paper. This will help you to get a good flow of thoughts and help to practice. Rehearse your speech several times as this will get you comfortable with your voice, gesture and posture. It is a good idea to ask a trusted friend to listen to your speech and give you some suggestions.


Using a funny story or a one-liner is the best way to kick off your speech. Choose something that is really funny but not offensive. Avoid using sexual innuendos just for the sake of creating excitement. Here are two good one-liners - 'Marriage is not a word; it is a sentence' and 'A man is incomplete until he is married. After that, he is finished'. After that, you might want to tell the audience about some little known facts about the groom or the bride although you must make sure that the person whose secret you are revealing will not mind it.


Funny wedding speeches are not just about the fun but also about the love and joy that you feel for the couple. So end your speech by expressing your loving sentiments.


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