The Rich Jerk Review - is it a Scam?


The Rich Jerk is probably the most famous internet marketer of them all. You'll find his name everywhere. On the forums, on blogs, on review sites and so on. The Rich Jerk has been famous for his uncanny ability to trounce the competition with his unique approach to the internet marketing.


Chapter 1 is all about creating a website that sells like crazy. Here he has outlined six specific strategies to hook the reader. He has complemented it with complete sales letter. In addition to that he has discussed a very special rebate strategy where you entice the prospect by offering rebate without actually meaning the same.


Chapter 2 of The Rich Jerk eBook is the favorite one of mine. Here he has completely outlined his strategy of being a traffic middleman i. E. Earning huge sums by purchasing traffic from smaller search engines at low cost and converting it to huge AdSense revenues. I have applied this strategy to many of my AdSense sites and have been hugely successful. I think this chapter alone is worth the price of the full eBook.


Chapter 3 is about search engine optimization (SEO). Here The Rich Jerk has discussed his strategies about getting huge no. Of incoming links. Utilising other people's content to get high search rankings and some special black hat methods to top the search engine rankings.


Chapter 4 is dedicated to creating your information product without any hassle(utilising other people's work) and getting a huge army of affiliate to promote your product.


Chapter 5 is dedicated to another huge online earning option i.e. ebay. In this chapter The Rich Jerk has enumerated the resources to get products at cheap rates and his unique methods to sell them at much higher prices without offending the prospects.


Chapter 6 is devoted to the biggest marketplace for information products i.e. Clickbank. In this chapter The Rich Jerk outlines the factors to be considered while choosing the product to be associated with. He also shows some of his websites which have earned him over million dollars each. He also has enumerated the reasons why these sites are such a blockbuster.


Chapter 7 is rather unique in the sense. It deals with multiplying your wealth by investing in e-gold and HYIPs. Most of the information in this part is outdated. Also most people avoid the HYIPs etc. so this chapter is rather irrelevant.


Chapter 8 most informative after chapter 2. Here he has completely covered the various aspects of creating your affiliate site, choosing affiliate network, placing the affiliate code, PPC and SEO etc. The Rich Jerk also discusses his secrets of getting top search rankings by cloaking your sites without bearing the search engine penalty.

Chapter 9 - In the end 'The Rich Jerk' enumerates the resources you'll require in order to run a successful affiliate business.


I have used various courses and manuals on internet marketing business but The Rich Jerk e-book has been the most instrumental in my online success. His 64 page manual is jam packed with information. Unlike many other guru products which are filled with fluff, The Rich Jerk e-book is straight, to the point and precise.


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