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You may be familiar with the concept of wholesale directories. These are e-commerce sites that provide listings of wholesalers and drop shippers. They provide search options to make finding a wholesale supplier easier than just looking through various independent sites.


In an environment where there is the constant threat of scams, you want to find a reliable and reputable wholesale directory. Salehoo has become one of the most popular wholesale directories on the web thanks to all of the features that it offers.


So you want to vend products online on eBay but don't know where to purchase items? will give you many sources to purchase from at wholesale rates.


Salehoo is an e-commerce website which provides a comprehensive listing of all the wholesale sellers and drop shipper available online. Like any other website, we need to take a membership in order to access all its features. However, membership here is just a onetime payment and we need not go on paying fees to upgrade our membership or for any other miscellaneous costs. The reliability and trustworthiness of this website is clear through its policy according to which, if we are not satisfied with the quality of services offered by this website which mostly is an unlikely scenario, the complete payment will be returned to us if we apply for a refund within the first 56 days from the initial date of purchase.


What will you find at this website?


This website provides access to more than eight thousand merchants and five thousand three hundred dependable sellers that provide products such as lingerie, clothing, DVDs, handbags, electronics, even tools and hardware for the handyman.


Top trade name items are may also be purchased from the providers at wholesale rates. Brands like HP Compaq, Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic, Gucci handbags and many more could be found here.

What are the advantages of this website?


1. Save effort and time from searching online on your own for items. This site offers a rating method for sellers so the experiences of other purchasers are grounds for analysis and determining the authenticity of the provider.
2. With more than five thousand three hundred providers to choose from, almost any item could be quickly and easily found using the search feature.
3. Many providers of different types are situated here. Liquidators, drop shippers and manufacturers have links listed on this site.
4. Some of the suppliers of goods will also ship internationally, so this is a huge advantage.
5. Some of the sellers don't have a minimum order, so smaller businesses could control their spending. Small businesses don't have to purchase in bulk like the bigger retail chains.


The wholesale lists are very easy to search; you can browse by category, like home and garden, or specify product or country if you're looking for iPods from Uzbekistan. Company listings clearly mark which ones can ship overseas, and if they will ship direct to your customer. Hate minimums? SaleHoo has also found wholesalers who will sell for low or zero minimums, a definite plus for sellers who don't want to get stuck with 1000 pairs of green socks. At the same time, you can find wholesalers who will give you a better discount if you can move those 1000 pairs of socks.


But what if you're new to wholesale? SaleHoo will walk you through the process of setting up your business. They assume nothing about your knowledge level; everything is laid out for you step by step. The forums are a boon here too, as you can get advice from buyers who have been slinging merchandise for a long time and have fine-tuned the process. Make some friends, and run your business that much easier.


Salehoo has an excellent customer service that is available throughout the clock and we can either mail them or call them or use the online chat program to convey our message or express our concern. These are all the facilities that Salehoo offers to both buyers and sellers. Thus, Salehoo offers so many features that no other website does and as such we can safely conclude that its popularity is going to touch new peaks in the coming future.


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