Jamorama Review - is it a Scam?


There has been many learning guitar software, DVD's, e-books that promises so much and delivering so little. So many hypes have been generated by these so called "ultimate" learning kits that many consumers find of little use.


Now, another guitar learning program is out in the market that is called Jamorama. It was created by Ben Edwards and is basically a guitar learning course that uses software, videos and games to help you learn guitar fast.

Jamorama, created by Ben Edwards, is an entry-level guitar learning product. The course is loaded with videos, tutorials, music tracks that are easy to use, and contain comprehensive instruction. It offers the complete guitar beginner a direct path to become an intermediate player at an affordable price.


So you have stumbled upon Jamorama, the Ultimate Guitar Learning Kit and now you are trying to find positive or negative, honest reviews on this particular product. As you know, and as we speak, hundreds, if not thousands of these so-called "reviews" are being written and uploaded into the internet. However, you are in luck, my friend! For this review, is brutally honest and is not the usual I-want-you-to-buy-this-product-via-dishonest-reviews type reviews. Let's begin.


As the course material is progressive, any beginning guitarist can learn at his own pace. Topics covered include how to read chords,playing progressions, reading guitar tabs and basic notation, rhythmic strumming patterns techniques, just to name a few. The course comes in two separate, downloadable guitar learning books which break down the course into separate modules. While book 1 consists of 15 lessons, book 2 offers another 26 lessons that are both extremely easy to follow. Also included in the package are about 150 video examples and jam tracks to play along with.


Ben Edwards has also thrown in very useful bonuses, such as GuitEarIt! (which is a piece of software that trains your ears so that you will be able to play any song by ear),and Guitar Tuner Pro (software that helps you to tune your guitar strings).


Having reviewed the course and doing some research online, now here are the 3 types of people I feel will really find it worth to buy Jamorama:


  1. Beginner guitarists
  2. This course perfectly suits you if you are just starting out and know nothing about playing guitar, or you know how to play a little but want to improve your playing skills.

  3. Committed people
  4. As I am a part time guitar instructor, many people have approached me in the past and asked me to teach them guitar. However, I realised that the majority lost interest in learning this instrument after a while, because they aren't willing to commit at least half and hour a day to practising it. Only get this course if you are dead serious about learning guitar.

  5. People looking for value for money
  6. Jamorama is the most affordable and economically priced online guitar course out there in the market at present. There are more in-depth and expensive courses like Learn And Master Guitar, which only ships in DVD format. However, if you look at it this way, Jamorama's costs is equivalent to a few private guitar lessons, except you get to learn much more. If you can do without one-on-one private guitar instruction, then this course is for you.


    Jamorama Features


    • 148 step-by-step video lessons.

    • 26 jam tracks.

    • Complete guitar training course with 44 total lessons.

    • Instant downloads.

    • 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    • Guitar training ear software.

    • Lead guitar playing upgrade option.

    • JaydeMusica - learn how read music. Fun & easy.

    • Metronome included.


    On the whole, I feel that Jamorama really offers exceptional value for it's price. Also, it is not some crappy course put together with a few videos and manuals, but their materials are all well-crafted by Ben Edwards and his team.


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