Home Made Energy Review - is it a Scam?


The Home Made Energy book is about using free and environmentally friendly renewable energy resources to produce electricity to reduce the amount of power we need to purchase from the big power concerns. The primary methods of producing electricity in this book are from home built wind and solar powered generators.


Home Made Energy is blueprint for those wishing to build a solar panel or wind generator for creating electricity. It was produced by Bill Ford, a scientist and inventor. It includes a PDF ebook and fourteen videos that cover everything from reducing your energy needs to building a wind or solar power system to meet them.


The ebook is 55 pages long and well illustrated. It is broken down into 17 Chapters and has a reference list at the end in case you need to do additional research. Chapters include How to Build Your Solar Energy System and Build Your Own Wind Turbine.


By the time you have finished the book your head will most likely be buzzing with ideas of energy independence and the wonderful thought of living without power bills. Those are good thoughts to have, but it will not happen overnight.


According to this instructional manual, one of the biggest advantages of making your own electricity generators is that they cost only about $200 USD to construct. They pay for themselves in only a few weeks. In contrast, buying and professionally installing a commercial grade system can cost over $20,000 and require 8 to 15 years to recoup the investment.


There are also seven Videos that explain everything in the book. The videos are done by a guy named Ben. He is a friend of the author and a journeyman electrician. His soft spoken voice makes the videos enjoyable. In all, there are over 3 hours of explanatory videos that should answer any questions you have about solar power in general.

There are also 7 How to Build the System videos that walk you through the building process. They are also around three hours total and cover every aspect of the actual building of the units.


All in all, both the book and the videos are very well done and educational. The book is clearly written and the explanatory videos will answer any questions it may leave you with. The How To videos take the guesswork out of the actual building of the projects.


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