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Fundamental Forex Analysis

There are really only two types of currency exchange trading: technical analysis and forex fundamental analysis. Experts frequently debate about which of these two methods of analyzing the market is better, but the reality is that both are important.


In simple terms, fundamental analysis just considers the world economy while technical analysis looks only at charts. This article examines forex fundamental analysis and how different fundamental and economic factors can affect forex trades.


What are the different fundamental or economic factors and how they can affect your trades?


Past experience tells us that a nation's economic status will have an effect on the value of that nation's currency. Current economic crisis has demonstrated this perfectly over the last few months. A healthy economy equates to a strong currency, in the same way, when a company is doing well, its stocks will rise in value.


Any major financial or economic event from around the world will have an impact on the foreign exchange markets. This can include anything from statements of the national debt, inflation to employment levels and trade deficits. It is not unusual to see these reports appearing regularly at predetermined times and dates. During these times you can expect to witness a lot of volatility in the forex markets.


Most successful forex traders make sure they are able to keep track of when these reports are due. This applies not only to your own country but also in the countries whose currencies you regularly trade in. National newspapers and television cannot be relied upon to deliver this timely information as they do not have the coverage of international economic news at a sufficiently detailed level. Specialist publications, and in particular the internet can be used for this purpose.


At any time, a certain economic issue can occur and when it does it will indeed effect the foreign exchange markets. Finance experts release reports about that very thing, and usually these reports will contain; the country's gross domestic product, national debt statements, inflation, employment levels and trade deficits. When these reports are released you'll see a lot of volatility in the forex markets for a certain amount of time.


If you want to be a successful forex trader it's vital that you monitor these reports released in your country, you only want to keep track on the reports that are released in other countries too. You can't rely on the media for this, as their information isn't detailed enough. You need publications that are written by experts. A good idea is to use the Internet to track everything that is going on in the foreign exchange market.


Do remember, that it's not only the economy that affects the market. Political issues that may arise can affect the market, such as; election, civil unrest or some kind of natural disaster. These can all cause fluctuations in the currency values.


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