Clickbank Pirate Review - is it a Scam?


If you're a beginner or newbie, and you want to be able to start your internet marketing business quickly and cost effectively, check out this new program called the Clickbank Pirate. You see many beginners want to start an IM business but most are discouraged when they realize that they don't have the technical skills to set up the system that allows them to move on.


I am sure that you have heard of the product called Clickbank Pirate by now, and you are probably wondering if it is really as good as its owner claims it is. Having tried dozens of Clickbank make money online products already, I am usually very skeptical about them as I know that most of them do not really work.


I was even more skeptical about CB Pirate after seeing the usual sales pitch and hype all over its website. However, I was hearing a lot of good reviews by other ordinary folks who have tried and are having great success with it, which prompted me to purchase this system to try it out as well.


The ClickBank Pirate system of internet marketing is created Soren Jordansen & Cindy Battye. These two top marketers have years of experience with internet marketing businesses online. They have a practical, no nonsense way of explaining concepts related to working from home on the internet. This method of affiliate marketing suits the ClickBank marketplace very nicely.


If someone does not know what they are doing online they can get lost. What is needed is a plan, a method to point the way to an increase in traffic, high pagerank, and online sales. Its hard if you don't know the ropes. But you can learn with and open mind.


With Clickbank Pirate, you'll get to receive a turnkey system.


The turnkey system will include the following:


  1. Professionally designed video squeeze pages. You may ask... why video squeeze pages? Well, because they convert much better. With video squeeze pages, you'll be able to build your list/leads faster than the traditional pages that are without videos.
  2. Autoresponder + email follow up series. The Clickbank Pirate is that it also provides you the autoresponder and follow up email messages. This will save you some money because if you were to get your own autoresponder, it will cost you about $30 monthly. This product hosts an autoresponder for you. You don't need to purchase any hosting account or buy a domain name. All these are handled for you.
  3. Free reports automatically branded with your name and affiliate links. Once a prospect signs up through your squeeze page, he/she will receive a free report branded with your affiliate links so that you'll get the credits if the prospects make a purchase through the links.
  4. Promotional tools such as pre-written blog posts, articles, emails and banners that you can use to drive traffic to your squeeze pages.

    With these basic components available, you can literally start your internet marketing business immediately upon signing up with Clickbank Pirate. What you need to do next is to learn and follow instructions on how to drive traffic to your video squeeze pages.


    Clickbank Pirate is a very decent product for the beginners or newbies to get started in internet marketing business quickly and cost effectively.


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