3 Red Lights Fix for Xbox 360


Got an Xbox? Lucky you. Got an Xbox with flashing red lights instead of green ones? Not so lucky huh? Unfortunately you have joined the ever expanding group of console owners facing what has become known in gaming circles as the dreaded red ring of death. Although the exact figure seems to be hard to pinpoint, the failure rate of these consoles is estimated to be in the range of fifty to sixty percent of all units sold which of course is a huge number in anyone's language.


It is caused by overheating causing the X clamps on the back of your console's motherboard to come loose, thus meaning that the connections between the graphics processor unit (GPU) and the rest of the motherboard are broken. The Xbox red light meaning is that the graphics processing and video display system is unable to function properly and the red light displayed in your Xbox 360's power ring is the code for this.


So what can you do? Well Microsoft suggests you send it in to get an Xbox red light fix. But guess what. Getting your Xbox fixed is going to cost you nearly the same amount as buying a new one. AT least $30 to ship and another $150 for the repairs. Yea, I see a problem here too. You buy a new one and it breaks just like this one. Man what a scam. But don't worry. There is a alternative and for anyone with any sense its as simple as pie. If your not good with pies don't worry, its still simple.


What you have to do is download a Xbox 360 red light fix guide book. These are available online and they truly are a god send. Fixing your Xbox couldn't be easier. They have a whole book full of diagrams PLUS video instructions. These books are also highly recommended because if your Xbox breaks again you'll know what to do. Finally, and for some this is the best part, you can actually MAKE MONEY by fixing other peoples Xboxs.


Uou can actually fix your Xbox 360 yourself without having to spend hundreds of dollars on a new console or wait ages whilst someone else repairs the problem. When I had to fix the red light on my Xbox I used the instructions I found in an Xbox 360 repair guide and was able to be gaming again in less than two hours- you can do exactly the same if you have your own repair guide. Recommended Xbox repair guide is here: Xbox Red Lights fix


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